NPC and CPPCC Broadcase

Updated:2020-03-15 Return

NPC and CPPCC during 2017, Guangming Daily, Guangming by cool sight cloud, set the "micro - NPC and CPPCC Salon" column, carry out the "HD video broadcast", as long as you have a camera and microphone, and a computer with access to the Internet, will have the opportunity and representatives, members and experts face-to-face to discuss hot topics of this discussion NPC and CPPCC. The live synchronization in Guangming, cloud media client, Guangming Daily, Guangming micro-blog official media broadcast on campus.

NPC and CPPCC period, around the guests in unified convened by the Guangming host, through remote access PC, mobile phone and other terminal equipment, network virtual studio, do the communication on the hot news, and live online in Guangming client and web portal; cool sight cloud platform provides 20 party interactive virtual media broadcast service for the light net NPC and CPPCC live through the necessary technical support, guarantee the successful convening of the meeting; the live image layout can be selected according to need, including 2+N, is specified by the 2 images as the main display screen, the host or guest below him in side by side shows a small picture, a picture display can be specified in a specific window, not specified the window display, can be displayed in the big window through the voice right incentive; 5 party participants, 2+n display screen


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