Gold Sunshine Provides Unified Wireless Solutions for SINOCHEM Group

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Unified wireless solution for large state-owned enterprise 

China SINOCHEM Co.,Ltd (Group) was established in June, 1995. As the project operation center of SINOCHEM Real Estate, SINOCHEM Group deals with holding and operation of high-class commercial real estate, dedicated to the operation of high-class hotels, office buildings and business projects in selected locations. Through development and successful operations of a series of top quality projects, SINOCHEM has become one of the notable brands specializing in the operation of high-class real estates. Since 2005, it has been awarded consecutively for eight years “China’s Top 500 Most Valuable Brands” and “Annual award for China’s brand NO.1 (Real Estate)”. In January 2010, SINOCHEM was identified as “China’s Well-Known Trademark”by SAIC Trademark Office.

Demand Analysis

With rapid development of enterprises, Internet access and access mode have taken on the trend of diversification. In your company's network, there are more terminal devices for Internet access, ranging from traditional PC to IP telephone, printer and fax machine. As the functions and performance of mobile terminal devices, such as smart phones, are getting continuously improved, the need for wireless network is increasing. Wireless authentication is deployed by center of the group and China SINOCHEM subsidiaries had to change constantly the wireless network of deployment sites, which brought great inconvenience to the network administrators. What’s more, as sensitive data and security of information has been given increasing attention, there has been strict control on access to sensitive information and important data. The network user, be it supplier or temporary visitor, needs to be allocated access right according to its identity. China SINOCHEM is in urgent need of a solution to have swift deployment, migration and safe access to identity authentication for a fast developing enterprise like us. 

The Overall framework of wireless network solution


Wireless controller: a centralized management device managing thin APs; It can be deployed in 2 modes, “Centralization and transmission” (flow is all generated to the wireless controller and then transmitted) or local transmission (flow is directly transmitted via gateway after going through AP).

Domain controller, used to authenticate the identity of accessed user; if there is no local domain controller, the authentication can be submitted to an upper unit or group domain controller.

Radius authentication server. Identity authentication is achieved with Radius protocol, therefore a server enabling Radius protocol negotiation is required. The Radius server will forward the authentication request to domain controller. If there is no local domain controller, the authentication can be submitted to an upper unit or group domain controller for negotiation.

 Wireless AP: the access device, the same brand with the domain controller; it can be managed, must support thin AP mode, and multiple SSIDs; support various authentication modes, etc.

Benefits for customers

1. As the extension of desktop wire network, wireless network provides convenience and mobility. This solution makes your company deploy basic network swiftly and safely, shortening cycle length greatly.

2. User authentication of wireless network prohibits using one fixed password for long time, because it may bring potential safety hazard like being revealed and decoded. Therefore, domain authentication is requested to be adopted in user authentication, e.g. only internal staff with domain account is able to use wireless network, which greatly enhances the security of mobile network and flexible deployment of sites.

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