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GOLD SUNSHINE’s Procurement and Logistics services provide clients efficiency, control, risk management and visibility through each step of the IT procurement process.


Are you looking to create efficiencies, increase visibility and reduce risk associated with your IT procurement? Do you need a supplier that has the flexibility to accommodate your internal procurement model? How about real-time, accurate information on product availability and total cost sourcing?

GOLD SUNSHINE’s IT Supply Chain Services provides clients efficiency, control, risk management and visibility through each step of the IT procurement process -- quote, procure, source, ship, clear, deliver, and invoice. Through our flexible and customizable Procurement and Logistics services we offer a scalable solution to meet your IT procurement needs.

Whether you are a global organization procuring centrally and shipping to offices overall China, a MNC business trying to expand into emerging markets or the small-to-mid-sized company looking for flexibility to buy 24x7 – we can help.

Overcoming procurement challenges

Although procurement has become a strategic agenda item for many businesses and organizations today, the challenges for B2B procurement remain plentiful. Pain points and obstacles felt by organizations typically fall into these six categories: accessibility, flexibility, control, cost, time, and for some, national operations.


  • Vendor catalogues are not always up-to-date or available in “real-time”
  • Product availability and lead-time information not always available
  • Need for all vendors to be accessible via internal procurement/ ERP systems
  • Order status and history reports not always available 


  • Unable to look-up “real-time” pricing information when it’s convenient for you
  • Want to choose how and when you interact with the vendor


  • Need to enforce internal purchasing workflow approval rules
  • Want to reduce vendors and leverage transaction volume


  • Too much overhead associated with procurement process
  • Negotiated or “on-contract” rates not always being utilized across entire organization
  • Looking to recover VAT, duties and taxes
  • Need to obtain accurate logistics charges


  • Manual quote process can take up to several days
  • Complex IT purchases and configuration result in lengthy quote or PO process
  • Reconciliation of mismatched Quotes and POs

National operations

  • Managing local legal and trade restrictions for cross-border transactions

How do GOLD SUNSHINE IT procurement and logistics services help? 
GOLD SUNSHINE helps overcome these common procurement challenges by offering clients a way to connect with preferred vendors, source technology and services, manage the IT procurement process, and analyze spend via a collaborative relationship.

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