Data Center & Cloud Solutions

GSS Manager IDC's feature:

•Resilient Power —Redundant, high-capacity and stable power supplies, backed by uninterruptible power supply, or UPS, and diesel generators;

•Physical Security —Round-the-clock monitoring by on-site personnel, which includes verification of all persons entering the building, security barriers, video camera surveillance and security breach alarms;

•Controlled Access —Access to the buildings, data floors and individual areas designated for particular customers via individually-programmed access cards and visual identification;

•Fire Detection and Suppression —Sensitive smoke detectors linked to building management systems provide early detection to help avoid fire, loss and business disruption. These are complemented by an environmentally-friendly gas-based or water mist fire suppression system to put out fires;

•Air Conditioning —To ensure optimal performance and avoid equipment failure, all data center floors are managed to make sure that customers’ equipment is maintained at a controlled temperature and humidity;

•24/7 Support —We staff our data centers with capable and experienced service teams and we believe we were the first data center service provider in China to offer 24/7 customer service.

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