Data Center & Cloud Solutions

IDC related services including the following:

•Managed Hosting Services that dedicate data center space to house our customers' servers and networking equipment and provide tailored server administration services;

•Interconnectivity Services that allow customers to connect their servers with internet backbones in China and other networks through our Border Gateway Protocol, or BGP, network, or our single-line, dual-line or multiple-line networks;

•Value-Added Services , including firewall services, server load balancing, data backup and recovery, data center management, server management, and backup server services.

Our data centers host the servers of our customers and meet their needs to deploy computing, network, storage and IT infrastructure. Our IDC related services are scalable, allowing our customers to purchase space and upgrade connectivity and services as their requirements evolve. In addition, our customers benefit from our data centers’ wide range of physical security features, including sensitive smoke detection systems, fire suppression systems, secured access, around-the-clock video camera surveillance and security breach alarms. Our data centers are fully-redundant and feature resilient power supplies, energy efficient design, connection with multiple network providers and 24/7 on-site support provided by our skilled engineers. As a result, we are able to guarantee 99.99% uptime for power in our service level agreements.

We believe another main reason customers choose our services is our access to multiple carriers and service providers and the availability of multiple-provider bandwidth. By securing multiple suppliers for connectivity and using redundant hardware, we are able to guarantee 99.9% internet connectivity uptime.

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